An analysis of utility versus entropy in social systems, or, the simple solution to fix Twitter

simple solution to twitter's problems

As I wrote yesterday, I’m a huge fan of the beautiful simplicity afforded by Occam’s razor: it posits that, when given several alternative explanations to explain an hypothesis, the simplest solution is often the right one.

And this isn’t just a thing that sounds good to say (well, it does feel good, but that’s not the point). It’s actually almost always true, too; we’ve trusted its elegance countless times for our startup, and it’s never let us down.

It’s time Twitter heeded the same wisdom.

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Alternatives to Twitterfeed: the sad, dangerous prospect of a Twitterless world

sad twitter

Twitter is a peculiar thing. With some 300 million active users around the globe, there seems to be not a single media company, news program, or celebrity on the planet without a Twitter account. And yet news of the company’s demise, imminent (failed) acquisition(s), and utter uselessness seem to permeate the internet, ironically, mostly throughout the Twitterverse. Go figure.

But Twitter isn’t going anywhere. Or at least, it better not. Indeed, I’ve been a vocal proponent of just how useful Twitter is; how it really hasn’t any viable substitute; and how for millions of people around the world, it isn’t just a nice thing to have, it’s a legitimate necessity just to stay alive. To wit, Twitter matters more today than when it first hatched 10 years ago, and it must not be allowed to fail. It’s simply too important.

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Today’s Dyn DDoS attack: you wanted a world without Twitter? You got it. Enjoy.

ddos twitter

PSA: Use the following OpenDNS IP to access (a broken) Twitter, Quora, Reddit, etc:

For weeks — years? — people, the media, news outlets, trolls everywhere — have heralded the death of Twitter, or at least, the beginning of its end, never mind its indisputable value and even necessity to millions of people around the world.

Well folks, today, those of you who think Twitter doesn’t matter, good luck getting your to-the-second updates on the latest state of this morning’s epic DDoS attacks with a simple Twitter query for #ddos or #ddos #dyn or whatever.

Because Twitter is down for the count.

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Three examples why Twitter still matters today, more than ever, and where it’s headed

flock of birds

Twitter is dead. Twitter is useless. Twitter is just for celebrities / trolls / prOn. (And walruses too, apparently.) Its signal-to-noise ratio is only slightly better than a nuclear explosion. Its growth has plateaued; nobody knows how to use it; it’s going to be acquired (and shut down); and in any event, it just plain doesn’t matter.

Except that it isn’t useless — not even slightly — and it does matter. It matters a lot. Arguably even more today, in the twilight of 2016, than when it first hatched, an incredible 10 years ago. Because nothing — no medium; no website; no blog; and no, not even Facebook — can rival it for the astonishing speed with which news and information propagates through the ether of the Twitterverse; the dependence of millions for its ability to quickly and easily communicate en masse; and the reliance by news and media agencies around the world to disseminate information to their legions of faithful followers.

Here are just three powerful examples of how Twitter has not only improved the world in which we live, but is in fact a very real and necessary thing in our digital and ever-connected world; a thing upon which we are now more or less dependent — at least for certain things — whether we realize it or not.

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How to use Twitter with Twibble

baby ducks following mama

It’s a valid question: how to use Twitter, and more specifically, how to use Twitter with Twibble? But to answer this question requires one to step back and look at the Twitterverse in its entirety, and to understand who uses Twitter; why they use it; and ultimately, how you use Twitter. So let’s start there, shall we?

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Five powerful ways to use Twitter to find jobs and talent

Twitter for Jobs and Talent

Accurately and efficiently matching jobs with the best talent is a seemingly unsolvable problem that’s plagued employers and (potential) employees since the dawn of time. Besides the fundamental noise problem — job seekers applying to jobs for which they’re not even properly qualified — is the two-sided visibility issue: ensuring that jobs get noticed by more and better qualified candidates; and on the flip side, that candidates can be more easily discovered for the appropriate jobs.

As a job search tool, Twitter is definitely a hit or (mostly) miss proposition: the nature of Twitter’s timeline means tweets are by definition a fleeting moment in time, so hoping to be discovered by a hiring manager on Twitter is only slightly more probable than looking up at just the right moment to spot a meteor streaking across the night sky.

Fortunately, there are a few useful tips and tricks that can increase your odds of better leveraging Twitter not only to find talent, but to find jobs, too.

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How to increase Twitter engagement by sharing Pinterest images

I’m a firm believer that social media is moving more visual. To test this theory I ended up creating an experimental Twitter account @StreetArtBuzz. I love graffiti and street art and thought this would be a good topic to experiment with. There are only two tools that I used in this experiment:

  1. – Feed pinterest boards to Twitter
  2. ManageFlitter – Find users that tweet about a certain subject, such as #streetart

For this account I started from scratch, 0 followers and 0 following. Within a couple weeks, I’ve grown the account organically to 4,000 engaged followers. Want to learn how I did it? Read this article!

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How to Delete Direct Messages DM on Twitter in Bulk using DM Cleaner

If you’re getting a lot of spam direct messages on Twitter, it can be difficult to remove them all using the native Twitter application. We’re excited to announce our new DM Cleaner for Twitter! Now you can easily remove all Twitter Direct Messages with a single click. Reaching inbox 0 has never been so easy!

With our new Twitter Direct Message Cleaner, you can easily remove single messages or choose to bulk delete all Twitter Direct Messages.

Give it a try today and reach inbox 0!

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Why We Love Twitter For Blogging (And You Should, Too!)

I never really looked at Twitter as a powerful tool to generate traffic to my website until Facebook changed their algorithm awhile back that encouraged page owners to boost their posts in order to see the same amount of organic impressions prior to the change. Prior to Facebook making their change, I was getting about 1,000 new likes a day and my posts received over 20,000 impressions each. Since the change, the amount of new likes to my page and post impressions dropped DRAMATICALLY.

This is why I started looking into Twitter as a way to drive traffic to my blog. I haven’t turned back. I always saw Twitter as a place where people post nonsense one-liners that didn’t provide any value to me. There was also the case where users shared articles they found on the web. In this light, Twitter can be very powerful in terms of spreading content in a viral manner. After several months of really diving in deep with Twitter, I’ve compiled a list of reasons why you should start using Twitter to drive viral traffic to your blog.

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