How to Boost Your Twitter Engagement & Following in 5 Simple Steps!

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How to Boost Your Twitter Engagement & Following in 5 Simple Steps!

This is a guest post by Mike Glover

It’s no secret, if you become a big enough deal on Twitter, you can write your own ticket!  But how does one do that?  How does an ordinary person boost their twitter engagement and following and become one of those influential people on Twitter?  Sure, you could get lucky one day and end up on TV or get a book deal, but the odds of either of those happening are getting smaller and smaller every day.  So if you want to become a Twitter Influencer, you have got to put in the work and build your community through sharing quality content and engagement!  Here are a few tips that might help along the way.

Step 1 – Make Sure Your Profile is Legit!

Brand new accounts on Twitter get egg’d.  If you want to grow a Twitter following, you are going to have to hatch one day and come out of your shell!

How to Boost Your Twitter Engagement & Following in 5 Simple Steps! - 1

It’s easy enough to do, just follow these simple steps and your profile will be looking pro-like in no time!

Profile Image – Upload a clean, professional image for your profile picture.  Twitter recommends an image of at least 400px X 400px.  This will ensure your profile image does not become pixelated.  The higher the resolution the sharper the image. 

Pro Tip:  Use a profile image with you smiling!

Cover Image – Upload a dynamic cover image.  Twitter recommends 1500px X 500px for a minimum resolution size. 

Write your bio – Take your time on this one.  Be creative, be unique and remember, just like a tweet, you only have 140 characters to work with.  Your BIO should be interesting and real.  It should contain “keywords” that you want to be known for and found for on searches!

Pro Tip:  If you are trying to be an influencer in a popular niche, adding Hashtags (#’s) to your bio is not only acceptable, it’s practically mandatory!  The finished product might look something like this:

How to Boost Your Twitter Engagement & Following in 5 Simple Steps! - 2

Step 2 – Using Twitter Lists to Stay Organized and Focused with Your Twitter Conversations!

Twitter Lists is one of the most underestimated and powerful tools available to help you find and engage with like-minded people.  Anyone who is on Twitter for more than a few hours and who is following more than 20 [active] people, knows that your Twitter feed fills up FAST!  Now imagine following 2,000 or even 10,000 people on Twitter, and imagine how fast your feed fills up.

I currently follow just under 20K people on Twitter.  My feed updates with 20+ new tweets every 9-10 seconds.  That equals 120 tweets per minute; 7,200 tweets per hour; 172,800 tweets per day and 1,209,600 tweets per week!  That’s a lot of reading, in fact, it’s probably not possible to read all of the updates of the people I follow.  So to make things easier, I have created “Lists” that I assign people to.  As an example . . . if you are a professional SEO and I follow & engage with you, chances are, you are on this list in my profile:  SEO Stars (

Using lists will help you stay focused and organized with your Twitter conversations. 

Pro Tip:  You can subscribe to other people’s lists as well!  This ends up being a GREAT source of new, highly qualified people to follow, provided, of course the list is not BOT generated and is well maintained by the owner.

Step 3 – Finding and Engaging With Other Twitter Influencers

Another often overlooked tool is the Twitter search bar.  This powerful little tool can lead you to a lot of great conversations, content, lists and influencers.  For instance . . . if you are trying to follow SEO influencers, a simple search for “SEO” in the search bar, and then clicking on accounts, will yield accounts that have “SEO” as a keyword in their bio.  Example:

How to Boost Your Twitter Engagement & Following in 5 Simple Steps! - 3

Pro Tip:  Twitter also offers two different methods of advanced search query functionality.  One method is in the search bar itself and the other is a separate advanced search page. 

Search Bar Advanced Search – Let’s assume you want to see all conversations (tweets) about a topic, but want to avoid advertisements or blog posts, and even maybe just see questions about a topic.  Let’s assume that topic is SEO.  You simply enter this into the search bar:  “SEO ? –http”.  Once you find these conversations, simply jump right in and answer the questions or ask more questions.  Either way, just make sure you add value to the conversation!

How to Boost Your Twitter Engagement & Following in 5 Simple Steps! - 4

The other option is to simply use the Twitter Advanced Search Feature page.  It’s fairly intuitive and can deliver some very powerful and highly focused results.

How to Boost Your Twitter Engagement & Following in 5 Simple Steps! - 5

Step 4 – Sharing Industry or Topic Related Content from Other Influencers

Curating and sharing content – Whether it’s your own content or other people’s content, sharing valuable content is the single BEST way I have found to boost engagement, build personal brand awareness, and establish yourself as an industry or topic expert on Twitter. 

“Content curation is the process of gathering information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest. Services or people that implement content curation are called curators. Curation services can be used by businesses as well as end users.” – Wikipedia (

A rather formal definition, granted.  However, it does accurately describe what we are trying to accomplish. 

How much content should I be sharing? – The bottom line is simply this; you cannot share too much content!  The more the merrier.  The trick is to share high quality, industry or topic related content and optimize that content to be easily found.  Here’s an example of a tweet that is optimized for maximum visibility (view here

How to Boost Your Twitter Engagement & Following in 5 Simple Steps! - 6

A few things to note about how this tweet was constructed:

  • The tweet included a visually appealing image directly from the content.  Content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images (Source)
  • The tweet includes a very popular hashtag (#SEO) – This makes the Tweet very easy to find on a search bar search (or advanced search)
  • The tweet assigns attribution for the source of content (@sengineland).  This is critical for influencer outreach and engagement.  You just shared a valuable piece of content for this account and they will be notified when you do.  This increases the likelihood of them reaching out to you to say thank you or to even retweet your tweet.
  • The tweet is easy to share and Retweet as is!

Automating this process – The more content you share, the faster your engagement and growth rate will be.  I tweet a lot.  And by “a lot” I mean to say that I tweet on average about 3-5K tweets per month.  That’s as much as 161 tweets per day or 6 per hour in a 24 hour day (20 per hour in an 8 hour day).  Seems almost impossible right?  How do I maintain a full-time job, family life, social life, and yet still manage to tweet this much?

I automate the process of curating and sharing other people’s content!

Does automation work? 

You can read more about my experience automating this process here:  How Twibble got me back on Twitter with 40,000 followers in 14 months.  This above article goes into great detail about how and why I love so much and how it made a difference in my Twitter account growth, and my professional career.  So if you are interested in learning more about how to curate and share high-quality content on Twitter automatically with, please read! is my choice for finding and sharing RSS Feeds full of valuable content to share with my audience and they love it! allows me to customize each RSS feed with the Hashtags I want and the attribution I want.  It also automatically pulls the content image and incudes it with each and every tweet.  The process is so easy to setup and use, it’s almost foolish not too!

Step 5 – Rinse and Repeat!

Now all you have to do is put in the work!  Share great content and engage with your followers, find conversations you want to be a part of and then join the conversation.

Do this daily and watch your Twitter engagement and following grow!