Why We Love Twitter For Blogging (And You Should, Too!)

I never really looked at Twitter as a powerful tool to generate traffic to my website until Facebook changed their algorithm awhile back that encouraged page owners to boost their posts in order to see the same amount of organic impressions prior to the change. Prior to Facebook making their change, I was getting about 1,000 new likes a day and my posts received over 20,000 impressions each. Since the change, the amount of new likes to my page and post impressions dropped DRAMATICALLY.

This is why I started looking into Twitter as a way to drive traffic to my blog. I haven’t turned back. I always saw Twitter as a place where people post nonsense one-liners that didn’t provide any value to me. There was also the case where users shared articles they found on the web. In this light, Twitter can be very powerful in terms of spreading content in a viral manner. After several months of really diving in deep with Twitter, I’ve compiled a list of reasons why you should start using Twitter to drive viral traffic to your blog.

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