How to Delete Direct Messages DM on Twitter in Bulk using DM Cleaner

If you’re getting a lot of spam direct messages on Twitter, it can be difficult to remove them all using the native Twitter application. We’re excited to announce our new DM Cleaner for Twitter! Now you can easily remove all Twitter Direct Messages with a single click. Reaching inbox 0 has never been so easy!

With our new Twitter Direct Message Cleaner, you can easily remove single messages or choose to bulk delete all Twitter Direct Messages.

Give it a try today and reach inbox 0!

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3 Killer Tips & Tricks to Easily Master Twitter

Twitter is a curious thing. Over a billion accounts; yet only 250 million active users. A seemingly arbitrary 140 character limit; not quite the 160 of, say, SMS, as pioneered by Nokia in the 1990s. And with seemingly no rhyme or reason to its inexorable news feed flooding you with a veritable cacophony of communication, you wouldn’t be blamed for tossing it aside as little more than an absurd bit of social media excess; the whipped cream heaped atop an otherwise sufficiently fat-laden ice cream sundae.

But you would be wrong. Because, you see, Twitter is more than just whipped cream, a mind bogglingly, face distortingly powerful thing indeed, but only once you familiarize yourself with the following 3 things you need to know to easily master Twitter:

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Is Twitter Automation Bad?

Managing your social media accounts can be very time consuming. That is why most companies that have the resources available usually hire a social media marketing person to handle the load. It’s a lot of research, scheduling and engagement. That’s why some people (especially those who are bootstrapping a business) need to manage their social presence themselves. This can be a huge ordeal if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why some look towards automation tools. Continue reading

[REPORT] Twitter Statistics for 2014

If you’re like me and are curious about the state of Twitter as of May 2014, you’ve found the right place. It’s important to know Twitter statistics to understand why exactly Twitter is such a great platform for marketing. Although as marketers we still should look at Facebook, Twitter offers something much different.

With Twitter, it’s much easier to create several popular accounts whereas on Facebook, usually a user will have only one Facebook Account but maybe a couple pages.

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3 Best Tools to Gain More Twitter Followers

Gaining Twitter followers is no easy task. Well, for some anyways. There are many articles on the subject of gaining Twitter followers, but in this article I’ve boiled down the 3 best tools and services to jumpstart your Twitter marketing efforts and gain a following fast.

It is important to note that follower count is only a number. What really matters is engagement. I’ll talk about  that in a future blog post. So for now, here are the 3 best tools to gain more Twitter followers.

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