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Twitterfeed Alternatives: Welcome to Twibble!

Dear Twitterfeeders,

We were genuinely sorry to hear the news that our friendly competitor Twitterfeed would be shutting down on Halloween; in fact, we even wrote them a nice little piece called Requiem for Twitterfeed: why a startup competitor’s loss is a time for grief, and not celebration. Give it a read, we think you’ll like it.

We know that the ability to easily manage and schedule RSS content from blogs — yours as well as others’ — is an incredibly important function in your daily lives and careers, and that it’s a tremendous amount of work to set up. So we can imagine the frustration this transition period must be for you, and we want to make it as painless as possible.

So what follows is a simple 3-step walk-through of getting started with Twibble and adding your first feed. If you want a more detailed 10-step primer with an accompanying video, please click here.

But first, a few quick highlights about Twibble:

  • add RSS feeds from virtually any RSS source: blogs, Instagram, YouTube channels, Etsy stores, eBay stores, and more
  • easily and automatically include featured images (or videos!) in your tweets
  • auto-detection of RSS URLs makes it super fast and easy to add your feeds
  • get more organic looking tweets with rotating tweet prefixes and suffixes
  • easily A/B test #hashtags and find the best ones with our very own color-coded #hashtag tool
  • choose to tweet the description or title of the content
  • easily set keyword filters to include or exclude content
  • easily schedule your tweet delivery with a rich graphical scheduler
  • prepare and queue up custom tweets to include amongst your RSS-fed content
  • preview your tweets before you send them
  • easily mange up to 50 Twitter accounts and 100 RSS feeds, or even more with our Unlimited plan!

So that’s just a quick overview of some of Twibble’s highlights. And now, let’s get started adding your first feed; it takes just a few seconds!

1. Add your first feed

Just type in the main website address — not the RSS URL — into the appropriate field. For example, to add our blog, just type or paste and we’ll automatically recognize the appropriate RSS URL:


2. Schedule your tweets

Choose how you’d like to check for new content — new items only; newest first; oldest first — and of course your delivery schedule.



3. Customize your tweets

Finally, you can customize the appears of your tweets. For example, whether to tweet the article headline or description; whether you’d like to connect to your Bitly account or use our own shortener for analytics; whether you’d like to @mention anyone; and of course, don’t forget to enter a bunch of #hashtags to test using our very own color-coded #hashtag tool, Then, just include any keywords to include or exclude content, make sure to preview your tweet, and click save! That’s it!

twitterfeed-twibble-learn2So that’s all there is to adding RSS feeds with Twibble. As you can see, it’s remarkably fast and easy, but if you ever need any help at all, we typically respond right away, and guarantee response times within an hour for our Pro plans.

In fact, say hello right now, we’d love to connect! And make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

Want to learn more? Click here!

Cheers! And welcome to Twibble!